​​​The NonDual Way

Additional Resources

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This page contains additional resource links that are helping pave the NonDual Way in the 21st century. The links posted on this page DO NOT represent the totality of sites, groups, approaches, and/or organizations, but are merely starting points for understanding and personal exploration

​United We Serve

 The US campaign program that encourages Americans to volunteer and  participate in community service programs
​ (i.e., ending hunger, helping veterans). 

Integral Life
The online "home" of the integral movement based on Ken Wilber's integral theory. Integral theory seeks to reconcile the differences between religion, science, and spirituality by showing how they all connect so that humanity can go forward with the best of the past with what we know to be true to day. 

The Coming InterSpiritual Age
The archive online magazine edition highlights the important aspects of the growing religious and spiritual movement that is seeing the connections among all religions, secular, and spiritual groups.Order of Universal InterfaithA home for all those called to interfaith, interspiritual, spirituality, integral, and consciousness dialogue and faith formation.

The Center for Action and Contemplation /CAC
​A place for individuals interested in awakening to the non dual way using primarily Christian contemplative practice and "compassionate action". The Center for Action and Contemplation is both an online resource and a retreat center located in Albuquerque New Mexico. The CAC was founded by Catholic priest Father Richard Rohr.

​Progressive Christianity
This site is an online educational resource and movement for those interested in helping reform traditional Christian beliefs in a way that honors the past, but moves beyond them.

The Contemplative Society
A resource for all those interested in cultivating a life based on Christian contemplative tradition. This site also promotes the work of Christian Contemplative leader and author Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault.

​Sounds True
A site full of spiritual, psychological, and physical resources (i.e., books, audio downloads, courses) that promote over all health and well being.

​Science and Non Duality
A site dedicated showing how science and religion/spirituality are finding common ground (non duality). This site links to various articles, videos, and educational opportunities on the groundbreaking convergence between spirituality and science.  

​Ted Talks
Collection of short talks from scientists, philsophers, inventors, and alike who are all dedicated to bringing humanity forward.

Eckhart Tolle
21st century spiritual leader and international best selling author. 

Center for World Integral Spirituality
An online resource to help the world evolve a global ethic and spiritual worldview.Integral Politics An online video that helps bring awareness on how BOTH the liberal AND conservative ideals have a place in building a better world.