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The Miracle of "We"

​ What is the Miracle of "We" Devotional Practice?
This site is home to The Miracle of "We" Devotional Practice; a 21st century spiritual practice that celebrates the love that binds every human heart, and the universal "inner practices" that help us open up to it. Although the We practice is new in its set up, traditional methods are used as they are still able to get people out of their "heads" and into their hearts! The daily readings and monthly theme on the home page are the suggested readings for the We practice; however, any reading you feel comfortable using is appropriate.

Do I need to part of any particular group or religion in order to do the We practice?
No. There is no need to be part of any specific group to do this practice nor is there a fee associated with downloading the material. If you do belong to a particular faith, feel free to do the "We" practice in conjunction with your current beliefs/religious practices (e.g., you can still be Catholic and do this practice). Remember, seeing through the eyes of  oneness and love" is not a new religion, but is at the heart of every religion, discipline, and human being!"  

"We" Practice Directions 

{Get a mediation timer, bell, or some sort of device that won't scare you  and is easy to use (free meditation timer app on an iPod works well}

1. Download one of the The Miracle of "We" Devotional Practice to your computer, print it out, and take a  couple of minutes to look over it (pick one appropriate to your group/situation).
The Miracle of
We Devotional Practice Version 1(for individual adult practice) 

The Miracle of We Devotional Practice Version 2 (for group adult practice)

​The Miracle of We Devotional For Children (for group of children lead by adults, adults who prefer simpler language may prefer this version).
2. Select and print out a short passage that you would like to insert into the practice.( for this sites suggested daily reading inserts, see home page).

​3. Decide how much time you will devote to silence/meditation (Part 1) and the style you will use to mediate (for meditation styles, click here). It is highly recommended that you meditate for at least 5-10 minutes in Part 1, however, any amount of time in mediation is good.   

​  4. Do the practice either alone or with a group. When you do the practice, remember to not think or analyze how good or bad you are doing it, but rather allow yourself "to be in the practice". Spiritual practice is not about using your "judging mind", but rather a time to be free, open, and receptive to simple things, like love.  Doing the practice often will also help you strengthen your "meditation muscle" and will find yourself feeling more and more comfortable in that "sacred space" the more you do it.

​The We practice takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete (can be shorted or extended to fit your schedule and life demands) and is recommended to be done on a regular basis (daily if possible).   Additional "We" Practice Resources
The Non Dual Way Children's Curriculum (TBD)