​​​The NonDual way


Although anything can awaken you to the reality of  love, practices like zen meditation, yoga, and Christian contemplative prayer all have a special place in cultivating non dual awareness. These "inner technologies" are able to quiet your "mind" so that your "heart" can experience the undying love that is not just within you, but IS YOU! Although practices like contemplative prayer and yoga are old, they are also proving to be timeless as they help people even today get in touch with their True self and align it with who they are as a 21st century human being! In addition to these traditional practices, modern approaches and disciplines like psychotherapy and integral life practice are also helping pave the non dual way!!!  

​The following steps are recommended to help you jump start your heart to the rhythm of love that is found in everyone and everything!

STEP 1: 
Learn about the practices, tools, and approaches that awaken the heart (i.e., meditation, therapeutic lifestyle changes, shadow work)
(see informational links below) 
Pick a  daily  meditation practice (s) that honors your particular worldview, religion, and/or non-religion  and do it on a regular basis so that you can awaken to the inner world of  super abundant love! 
(see informational links below)
STEP 3:  
​Recognize that seeing through the eyes of radical oneness and love (the non dual way) has been at the heart of every culture, religion, discipline and person across time.
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The links below DO NOT represent the totality of sources available for each practice/approach but are merely starting points for understanding. 


       What is Meditation?                                              


Traditional Approaches 

Christianity & Contemplative Prayer
Buddhism & Tibetan Meditation
Judaism & Kabbalah

Muslim & Sufism 

Buddhism & Zen Meditation


​​Modern Practices, Disciplines,
​ & Approaches   

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes 
Integral Life Practice 

Shadow Work
Evolutionary Spirituality
The Miracle of "We"  Devotional Practice
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